The Difficult Music Listening Hour
The Difficult Music Listening Hour

Playlist for 03.09.02 - "Urinetown - The Musical"

The Difficult Music Listening Hour
Don't let the title scare you:) A beautiful piece of music, a dramatic and very funny show, and an interesting premise... water reserves are so low that private bathrooms have been outlawed, and the public restrooms are controlled by big business and it's very expensive to use the facilities. The people revolt against the system, opening up the public facilities for free, but quickly use up ALL the water and are thus worse off than before!

Too Much Exposition
It's a Privilege to Pee
Mr. Cladwell
Cop Song
Follow Your Heart
Look at the Sky
Don't Be the Bunny
Act One Finale
What Is Urinetown?
Snuff That Girl
Run, Freedom, Run!
Why Did I Listen to that Man?
Tell Her I Love Her
We're Not Sorry
We're Not Sorry (reprise
I See A River

The Difficult Music Listening Hour

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