The Difficult Music Listening Hour
The Difficult Music Listening Hour

Playlist for 08.02.02 - Song Cycles

The Difficult Music Listening Hour
"The Juliet Letters" - Elvis Costello and the Brodsky Quartet
Deliver Us
For Other Eyes
Expert Rites
Dead Letter
I Almost Had A Weekness
Who Do You Think You Are
Taking My Life In Your Hands
This Offer Is Unrepeatable
Dear Sweet Filthy World
The Letter Home
Jackson Monk And Rowe
This Sad Burlesque
Romeo's Sťance
I Thought I'd Write To Juliet
Last Post
The First To Leave
Damnations Cellar
The Birds Will Be Singing

"Where Grief Slumbers" - Dawn Upshaw
1: Listen To It Rain
2: From Drunken Boat
3: It's Raining
4: Ophelia
5: The Farewell
6: The Departure
7: The Girl With Orange Lips

"The Andre Expedition" - William Parker & William Huckaby
The Balloon Rises
Pride and Ambition
Dinner Aloft
The Unforseen Problem
The Flight Aborted
Mishap with a Sledge
The King's Jubilee
Illness and Drugs
Hallucinations The Andre Expedtition - Anna's Birthday
Final Words

The Difficult Music Listening Hour

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