The Difficult Music Listening Hour
The Difficult Music Listening Hour

Playlist for 02.14.03 - "Metropolis"

The Difficult Music Listening Hour
Act One:
Opening/101.11/Look, The Sun, Maria
Hold Back the Night
The Machines are Beautiful
He's Distant From Me Now
Elitists' Dance
Oh My, What a Beautiful City
This is The Vision We're Forbidden
Children of Metropolis
50,000 Pounds Of Power/One More Morning
It's Only Love/Bring on the Night
Pressure Chant/Day After Day
When Maria Comes
You Are the Light
The Girl is a Witch
It's Only Love (Reprise
The Sun
Almost Done
I Don't Need Help From You/There's a Girl Down Below
Futura/End of Act One

Act Two
Nothing Really Matters
I've Seen a Nightmare
This is Life
Look at this Girl Who Stands Before You
Futura's Dance
Where Do You Think She's Gone, Your Precious Maria?
If That Was Love
Listen to Me
Learning Song
Old Friends
When Maria Wakes
Futura's Promise/Maria's Insane
Perfect Face
Haven't You Finished With Me?
Let's Watch the World go to the Devil
One of those Nights
It's Only Love/Bring On the Night
One of Those Nights

The Difficult Music Listening Hour

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