The Difficult Music Listening Hour
The Difficult Music Listening Hour

Playlist for 03.26.04 - Music of Michael Giacchino

The Difficult Music Listening Hour
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from "Alias"
[tv show soundtrack]
Ball Buster
The End?
Bristow & Bristow

from "The Lost World - Jurassic Park"
[video game soundtrack]
Into The Trees
The Forest Explodes
Base Camp Rampage
The Canyon Brigade
Beneath The Surface
The Sulfur Fields
Laboratory Hunt
Climbing The Tower
Aisle Of Giants
Dinosaur Graveyard
Welcome Mr. T-Rex
Break For Freedom
Volcanic Fault
The Plains
San Diego
The King's Lair
Raptor Wasteland
Enter Carefully
Primordial Forest & Holy Cross Fight Theme

from "alias"
Blow'd Up
The Tooth Doctor
Oh My God!!!!
SD-6 Dance Party

from "Call of Duty"
[video game soundtrack]
Call of Duty
Countryside Drive
Approaching the Tirpitz
Below Deck
Stuka's and Flakvierling's
Eder Dam
Taking Stalingrad
Breaking Through
Red Square
Sewers Under Stalingrad
Tanks a Lot
Pegasus Bridge

The Difficult Music Listening Hour

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