The Difficult Music Listening Hour
The Difficult Music Listening Hour

Playlist for 04.30.04 - "Love in Disquise" Featuring the amazing Betty Buckley!

The Difficult Music Listening Hour
from "Triumph of Love"
If I Cannot Love
romance, romance

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from "Romance, Romance"
Act 1, The Little Comedy
The Little Comedy
It's Not Too Late
Great News
Oh, What A Performance
I'll Always Remember the Songs
Happy, Happy, Happy
Women of Vienna
Yes, It's Love
A Rustic Country Inn
The Night It Had to End
The Little Comedy(finale)

"Triumph of Love"
This Day Of Days
Classic Clown
The Bond That Can't Be Broken
Mr. Right
You May Call Me Phocion
Mr. Right (Reprise)
The Sad and Sordid Saga of Cecile
Issue In Question
Teach Me Not To Love You
Have A Little Faith
The Tree
Henchmen Are Forgotten
Love Won't Take No For An Answer

from "The Mystery of Edwin Drood"
A Man Could Go Quite Mad
Perfect Strangers
No Good Can Come From Bad
The Wages Of Sin
The Name of Love & Moonfall
Finale: The Writing On The Wall

The Difficult Music Listening Hour

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