The Difficult Music Listening Hour
The Difficult Music Listening Hour

Playlist for 11.19.04 - Verdi's Macbeth

The Difficult Music Listening Hour
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Act 1, Scene 1
*Che Faceste - Dite Su!
Giorno Non Vidi Mai
S' Allontanarono

Act 1, Scene 2
Nel Dì Della Vittoria Io Lo Incontrai
*O Donna Mia
Sappia La Sposa Mia
Di Destarlo Per Tempo Il Re M' Impose

Act 2, Scene 1
*Perchè Mi Sfuggi
*La Luce Langue

Act 2, Scene 2
*Chi V'impose Unirvi A Noi
*Studia Il Passo, O Mio Figlio!

Act 2, Scene 3
Salve, O Re

Act 3
*Tre Volte Miagola
*Ballabile I
*Ballabile II
*Ballabile III ( Valzer)
Finchè Appelli, Silenti M'attendete!
*Ondine E Silfidi
Ove Son Io

Act 4, Scene 1
Patria Oppressa
O Figli, O Figli Miei!
Dove Siam

Act 4, Scene 2
Vegliammo Invan Due Notti

Act 4, Scene 3
Perfidi! All' Anglo Contro Me V'unite!

Act 4, Scene 4
Via Le Fronde
The story:
Act I.
In Scotland. Macbeth and Banco are returning from a victorious battle against the rebels. They meet three witches, who make them a prophecy: Macbeth will be lord of Cawdor and Banco's offspring will reign. The first prophecy comes true at once: a messenger arrives, bringing the royal nomination. At the castle, they await the arrival of the king. Lady Macbeth urges her husband to kill him.

Act II.
The king has been assassinated. His son Malcolm is accused of the murder and must flee to England. Now that Macbeth is king of Scotland, his wife wants to eliminate Banco and his son Flaenzio. The father is murdered, but the son manages to escape. During a banquet, Banco's ghost comes to haunt Macbeth.

Act III.
Macbeth is uneasy, and goes to the witches to question them. The verdict is obscure: he will remain lord of Scotland and absolutely invincible until the forest of Birnam moves against him. Lady Macbeth in the meantime urges him to kill the wife and children of Macduff who, with Malcolm, is gathering an army in England to attack Scotland.

Act IV.
The invading army under Malcolm's and Macduff's command moves up secretly. Hidden in the forest of Birnam, the soldiers cut branches to camouflage their advance, ready for the decisive battle. Lady Macbeth, asleep, is tormented by bad dreams. Macbeth faces the invaders, but is killed in a duel. Thus the second prophecy of the witches is fulfilled.

The Difficult Music Listening Hour

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