The Difficult Music Listening Hour
The Difficult Music Listening Hour

Playlist for 04.22.05 - "Aspects Of Love"

The Difficult Music Listening Hour
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[songs marked * omitted due to time constraints]

1. Prologue: Railway Station at Pau, 1961 "Love Changes Everything"
2. Act One, France, 1947: A Small Theatre in Montpellier
3. A Cafe in Montpellier "Parlez-vous francais?"
4. The Railway Station
5. In a Train Compartment "Seeing Is Believing"
6. The House at Pau
7. An Art Exhibit in Paris
8. "A Memory of a Happy Moment"
9. In Many Rooms in the House at Pau
10. On the Terrace
*11. Outside the Bedroom
*12. Up in the Pyrenees "Chanson d'enfance"
13. House at Pau
14. 2 Years Pass: A Fairground in Paris "Everybody Loves a Hero"
15. George's Flat in Paris
16. "First Orchestral Interlude"
17. "She'd Be Far Better off With You"
18. "Second Orchestral Interlude"
19. Giulietta's Studio in Venice "Stop, Wait, Please"
*20. A Registry Office
21. A Military Camp in Malaya

Act Two, 13 Years Later: *22. Orchestral Introduction to Act Two
23. A Theatre in Paris "Leading Lady"
24. At the Stage Door
25. George's House at Pau "Other Pleasures"
*26. A Café in Venice "There Is More to Love "
*27. The Garden at Pau "Mermaid Song"
28. Countryside Around the House
29. "Third Orchestral Interlude"
30. 2 Years Pass: The Garden at Pau
31. On the Terrace "The First Man You Remember"
32. In the Vineyard at Pau
33. Up in the Pyrenees
34. George's Study at Pau
35. A Circus in Paris "Journey of a Lifetime"
36. Outside the Circus "Falling"
37. Jenny's Bedroom in Paris
38. The Vineyards at Pau "Hand Me the Wine and the Dice"
39. A Hay Loft
40. On the Terrace "Anything But Lonely"

The Story: 1947 -- Alex, a star-struck teen, has a crush on Rose, an actress. He convinces her to run off to Pau to his villa. It is actually his Uncle George's who is in Paris with fellow artist Giulietta when he receives word of his nephews antics and departs to Pau to investigate. George arrives and crashes Alex's love-in and woos Rose with his exploits. Rose receives word that Marcel, her director, needs her for the next opening of their play and she departs.

1949 -- 2 Years Later. Alex has joined the army. During a leave, he lands in Paris and decides to visit his uncle George. Upon arriving at his flat, however, Alex finds that Rose has been living with George for some time. Next thing you know, Alex and Rose hop in the sack again.

The next morning, Rose is aloof and asks Alex to leave. He loses his temper and shoots her in the arm. Alex and George then argue like "gentleman" over who'd be better for Rose, and George leaves of his own accord for Venice. George recounts his experiences with Rose to Giulietta, when suddenly, Rose arrives with Marcel, frantic and in debt. Rose and Giulietta become fast friends, trading tales of George's peculiarities. By the end of the scene, the two hop into bed.

It's revealed that George is in financial dire straits, but even so he proposes to Rose and they are married. Alex, in a military camp in the Malayan Jungle, receives news of their marriage.

1962 -- Thirteen years later (Act Two). Rose is again closing up a show in Paris, and is now a resounding success. Alex arrives again at the show, older and more mature. She invites him along on her break to visit with her husband George and daughter Jenny.

1964 -- Alex arrives again for a party, and begins to bond with Jenny who becomes enamoured of him. Rose warns both Alex and George of her misgivings of Jenny's affections, but they continue nonetheless. The family takes a trip to a carnival. Alex and Jenny become a tad to affectionate in front of George, and he storms off. Alex, Jenny, Rose and George consider the madness of their situation. That night George puts Jenny to sleep, and Alex sneaks in later to be with her.

George, suspicious, charges to her room to confront them. However, on the way suffers a heart attack and dies outside her door. George's funeral takes place. Giulietta arrives and seduces Alex. She convinces him to stop affairs with Jenny. Jenny becomes frantic and proposes. Suddenly Rose arrives and laments her loneliness and asks him not to leave. The show ends with the question of which woman Alex stays with unanswered.

The Difficult Music Listening Hour

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