The Difficult Music Listening Hour
The Difficult Music Listening Hour

Playlist for 02.03.06 - More Big Drums!

The Difficult Music Listening Hour
enter the matrix


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from "Enter The Matrix"
Kick Jab Stab
Get Out Of My Face
In My Path... You're Dead
Eat This, Jerk
You Don't Scare Me Bucko
I Do Not Like You
Fist Fight
Smelly Sewer
Be Prepared
Something's Wrong
Uh, Oh... What's That
Stuck In Much - Escape
What Fresh Hell Is This
Not Agent Smith - Again!!!
Zen Garden
Going To Church

from "XXX"
Washington Searches For The Right Man
A Distorted View Of The World
Czech Cavalry
Anarchy 99
The Changing Science Of Ahab
A Kiss On The Rooftop
El Jefe In The Colombian Drug Fields
Lions And Gibbons
Motorcycle Assault
In Xander's Zone

Main Title
DeMarco's End
Ferry Crossing
The Hand
Gnarly Gongs
Just Sit Quietly
The Kiss
Escape From McCabe's
The Forest
Wolf Run
Just A Girl
Candle Trick
Hedge Maze Brawl
Elektra's Second Life

from "Roméo Et Juliette"
Le Duel
Mort De Mercutio
La Vengeance

The Difficult Music Listening Hour

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