The Difficult Music Listening Hour
The Difficult Music Listening Hour

Playlist for 06.22.07 - Alphabet Soup, Part 24, The Letter X

The Difficult Music Listening Hour
Original Cast Record... - Urinetown Too Much Exposition
from "Urinetown"
by Original Cast Recording
Original Cast Record... - Urinetown Urinetown
from "Urinetown"
by Original Cast Recording
Cugat, Xavier - Cugi's Cocktails One Mint Julep
from "Cugi's Cocktails"
by Cugat, Xavier
Powell, John - Bourne Identity, The Drum And Bass Remix
from "Bourne Identity, The"
by Powell, John
Original Cast - Le Roi Soleil Collector Contre Ceux D'En Haut
from "Le Roi Soleil Collector"
by Original Cast
Edelman, Randy - XXX X Marks The Spot
from "XXX"
by Edelman, Randy
Badi, Chimène - Live A L'Olympia Retomber Amoureux
from "Live A L'Olympia"
by Badi, Chimène
Ordo Rosarius Equili... - Satyriasis Your Sex Is The Scar
from "Satyriasis"
by Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio feat. Spiritual Front
Mansel,  Clint and K... - Requiem for a Dream Winter: Lux Aeterna
from "Requiem for a Dream"
by Mansel, Clint and Kronos Quartet
Raimundtheater Cast ... - Wake Up Extase (Prof. Freudensprung & Ronny & Ensemble)
from "Wake Up"
by Raimundtheater Cast Recording
Copeland, Stewart - Rumble Fish Don't Box Me In
from "Rumble Fish"
by Copeland, Stewart
Cirque du Soleil - O Jeux D'Eau
from "O"
by Cirque du Soleil
Beck, Christophe - Sentinel, The Xavier Calls
from "Sentinel, The"
by Beck, Christophe
Huun Huur Tu - Best Live 1 Chiraa-Xoor
from "Best Live 1"
by Huun Huur Tu
Jarre, Jean-Michel - Deserted Palace Exasperated Frog
from "Deserted Palace"
by Jarre, Jean-Michel
Benatar, Pat - Get Nervous Anxiety (Get Nervous)
from "Get Nervous"
by Benatar, Pat
Beltrami, Marco - Terminator 3 TX's Hot Tail
from "Terminator 3"
by Beltrami, Marco
Garou - Garou Milliers De Pixels
from "Garou"
by Garou
Conjure One - Extraordinary Ways Extraordinary Way
from "Extraordinary Ways"
by Conjure One
Krall, Diana - From This Moment On Exactly Like You
from "From This Moment On"
by Krall, Diana
Revell, Graeme - Freddy vs. Jason Freddy Express
from "Freddy vs. Jason"
by Revell, Graeme
Bashung, Alain - Play Blessures J'croise Aux Hebrides
from "Play Blessures"
by Bashung, Alain
Bates, Tyler - 300 Xerxes' Tent
from "300"
by Bates, Tyler
Eder, Linda - And So Much More Next Time I Love
from "And So Much More"
by Eder, Linda
Bond - Classified Explosive
from "Classified"
by Bond
Powell, John - Mr. and Mrs. Smith Desert Foxes
from "Mr. and Mrs. Smith"
by Powell, John   iTunes
Jablonsky, Steve - Texas Chainsaw Massacre Final Confrontation
from "Texas Chainsaw Massacre"
by Jablonsky, Steve
Powell, John - X-Men: The Last Stand Phoenix Rises
from "X-Men: The Last Stand"
by Powell, John
Moyet, Alison - Voice La Chanson Des Vieux Amants
from "Voice"
by Moyet, Alison
Cugat, Xavier - Cugi's Cocktails Singapore Sling
from "Cugi's Cocktails"
by Cugat, Xavier
L'Integrale - Romeo & Juliette L'amour Heureux
from "Romeo & Juliette"
by L'Integrale
Shostakovich, Dmitri - Best of Motion Picture Scores - Volume 1 Trilogy about Maxim - Funeral March and Finale op.45/1936
from "Best of Motion Picture Scores - Volume 1"
by Shostakovich, Dmitri
The Difficult Music Listening Hour

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