The Difficult Music Listening Hour
The Difficult Music Listening Hour

Playlist for 08.24.07 - The Number Seven

The Difficult Music Listening Hour
Bond - Shine Bond on Bond (James Bond Theme)
from "Shine"
by Bond
Springsteen, Bruce - Tracks Seven Angels
from "Tracks"
by Springsteen, Bruce
Clash - Sandinista! The Magnificient Seven
from "Sandinista!"
by Clash
Ferry, Bryan - Bête Noire Seven Deadly Sins
from "Bête Noire"
by Ferry, Bryan
E-Rotic - Single Seven Seconds Away
from "Single"
by E-Rotic
Crematory - Believe Act seven
from "Believe"
by Crematory
Queen - Platinum Collection, The Seven Seas Of Rhye
from "Platinum Collection, The"
by Queen
Jones, Norah - Come Away with Me Seven Years
from "Come Away with Me"
by Jones, Norah
Murphy, Peter - Deep Seven Veils
from "Deep"
by Murphy, Peter
Grooveyard - Ghetto Paradise Seven Mile
from "Ghetto Paradise"
by Grooveyard
Silvas, Lucie - Breathe In Seven Veils
from "Breathe In"
by Silvas, Lucie
Bivattchee - Eureka Seven: Complete Best Op3 Taiyo no Mannakahe (To the Sun's Center)
from "Eureka Seven: Complete Best"
by Bivattchee
Cline, Patsy - Patsy Cline Story, The Seven Lonely Days
from "Patsy Cline Story, The"
by Cline, Patsy
Benatar, Pat - Seven the Hard Way 7 Rooms of Gloom
from "Seven the Hard Way"
by Benatar, Pat
Parasense - Single Seven Zero
from "Single"
by Parasense
Aswani, Prashant - Revelation Seven
from "Revelation"
by Aswani, Prashant
Jarre, Jean-Michel - Equinoxe Equinoxe, Pt. 7
from "Equinoxe"
by Jarre, Jean-Michel
Primal Fear - Seven Seals Seven Seals
from "Seven Seals"
by Primal Fear
Zimmer, Hans - Ring, The / Ring Two, The Seven Days
from "Ring, The / Ring Two, The"
by Zimmer, Hans
Knife - Chakra Seven Chakras, The
from "Chakra"
by Knife
Paul, Ellis - Translucent Soul Seven
from "Translucent Soul"
by Paul, Ellis
Brubeck, Dave - Live With The LSO Four Score In Seven
from "Live With The LSO"
by Brubeck, Dave
Venetian Snares - 7 Sevens Med Number Seven
from "7 Sevens Med"
by Venetian Snares
Bowie, David - Earthling Seven Years In Tibet
from "Earthling"
by Bowie, David
Offenbach, Jacques - Les Contes d'Hoffmann Septuor - Hélas, mon coeur s'égare encore
from "Les Contes d'Hoffmann"
by Offenbach, Jacques
The Difficult Music Listening Hour

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