The Difficult Music Listening Hour
The Difficult Music Listening Hour

Playlist for 10.12.07 - Music For Halloween, Part One

The Difficult Music Listening Hour
Clouser, Charlie - Saw Fuck This Shit
from "Saw"
by Clouser, Charlie
Mancina, Mark - Blood+ (vol. 1) Vampire Battle
from "Blood+ (vol. 1)"
by Mancina, Mark
Donaggio, Pino - Carrie (Deluxe Edition) Bucket Of Blood
from "Carrie (Deluxe Edition)"
by Donaggio, Pino
Donaggio, Pino - Catacombs Spiritus Mali
from "Catacombs"
by Donaggio, Pino
Jones, Trevor - Cliffhanger Helicopter Fight
from "Cliffhanger"
by Jones, Trevor
Isham, Mark - Crash A Harsh Warning
from "Crash"
by Isham, Mark
Horner, James - Krull Leaving The Swamp
from "Krull"
by Horner, James
Bernstein, Charles - Cujo End Titles
from "Cujo"
by Bernstein, Charles
Howarth, Alan - Dentist, The New Game
from "Dentist, The"
by Howarth, Alan
Glass, Philip - Kron... - Dracula The End Of Dracula
from "Dracula"
by Glass, Philip - Kronos Quartet
Beck, Christophe - Elektra DeMarco's End
from "Elektra"
by Beck, Christophe
Shore, Howard - Fly, The The Creature
from "Fly, The"
by Shore, Howard
Carpenter, John - Fog, The Theme From The Fog
from "Fog, The"
by Carpenter, John
Arnold, David - Godzilla Taxi Chase
from "Godzilla"
by Arnold, David
Beltrami, Marco - Hellboy Alley Fight
from "Hellboy"
by Beltrami, Marco
McNaughton, Robert - Henry : Portrait of a Serial Killer The Stalk
from "Henry : Portrait of a Serial Killer"
by McNaughton, Robert
Elfman, Danny - Hulk, The Prolouge
from "Hulk, The"
by Elfman, Danny
Horner, James - Krull The Widow's Web
from "Krull"
by Horner, James
Goblin - La Chiesa La Chiesa (Suite) [*]
from "La Chiesa"
by Goblin
Emerson, Keith - Murderock Don't Go in the Shower
from "Murderock"
by Emerson, Keith
Amenábar, Alejandro - Others, The They Are Everywhere
from "Others, The"
by Amenábar, Alejandro
Zimmer, Hans - Ring, The / Ring Two, The The Ferry
from "Ring, The / Ring Two, The"
by Zimmer, Hans
Mansell, Clint - Sahara Burn Tower
from "Sahara"
by Mansell, Clint
Beltrami, Marco - Scream Casey's Death (Alternate)
from "Scream"
by Beltrami, Marco
Beck, Christophe - Sentinel, The The Sentinel
from "Sentinel, The"
by Beck, Christophe
BT - Stealth Original Score Stealth Main Title
from "Stealth Original Score"
by BT
Stone, Richard - Sundown Hell in Purgatory
from "Sundown"
by Stone, Richard
Morricone, Ennio - Thing, The Bestiality
from "Thing, The"
by Morricone, Ennio
Band, Richard - Troll Cantos Profanae
from "Troll"
by Band, Richard
Silvestri, Alan - Wild, The The Ritual
from "Wild, The"
by Silvestri, Alan
Edelman, Randy - XXX In Xander's Zone
from "XXX"
by Edelman, Randy
Shire, David - Zodiac (Score) Law & Disorder
from "Zodiac (Score)"
by Shire, David   iTunes
Clouser, Charlie - Saw Reverse Beartrap
from "Saw"
by Clouser, Charlie
The Difficult Music Listening Hour

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