The Difficult Music Listening Hour
The Difficult Music Listening Hour

Playlist for 12.21.07 - Winter

The Difficult Music Listening Hour
Roussos, Demis - The Very Best of Demis Roussos Spring, Summer, Winter And Fall
from "The Very Best of Demis Roussos"
by Roussos, Demis
Williams, John - An American Journey Call of the Champions (The Official Theme of the 2002 Winter Olympic Games)
from "An American Journey"
by Williams, John
Manic Street Preache... - Send Away The Tigers Winter Lovers
from "Send Away The Tigers"
by Manic Street Preachers
Fiat Lux - Single Feels Like Winter Again
from "Single"
by Fiat Lux
Deadly Syndrome, The - The Ortolan Winter In You
from "The Ortolan"
by Deadly Syndrome, The
Frontline Assembly - Hymns Of The Warlock, Tribute To Skinny Puppy Dead Of Winter (Hypnothermic Mix)
from "Hymns Of The Warlock, Tribute To Skinny Puppy"
by Frontline Assembly
Kamelot - Epica On the Coldest Winter Night
from "Epica"
by Kamelot
McLachlan, Sarah - Wintersong Wintersong
from "Wintersong"
by McLachlan, Sarah
Gilberto, Bebel - Bebel Gilberto Winter
from "Bebel Gilberto"
by Gilberto, Bebel
Benoit, David - Urban Daydreams When The Winter's Gone
from "Urban Daydreams"
by Benoit, David
Amos, Tori - Little Earthquakes Winter
from "Little Earthquakes"
by Amos, Tori
Aromabar - Café Del Mar Volume 07 Winter Pagent
from "Café Del Mar Volume 07"
by Aromabar
Bayside - Acoustic Winter
from "Acoustic"
by Bayside
Radin, Joshua - First Between 3rd & 4th Winter - Alt. Version
from "First Between 3rd & 4th"
by Radin, Joshua
Qntal - Qntal V: Silver Swan Winter
from "Qntal V: Silver Swan"
by Qntal
Blackmore's Night - Fires At Midnight Mid Winter's Night
from "Fires At Midnight"
by Blackmore's Night
Ritch, Paul - Winter Ceremony Winter Ceremony
from "Winter Ceremony"
by Ritch, Paul
Stratovarius - Intermission Cold Winter Nights
from "Intermission"
by Stratovarius
2006 Original Off-Br... - Grey Gardens Another Winter in a Summer Town
from "Grey Gardens"
by 2006 Original Off-Broadway Cast
Noa - Blue Touch Blue Long Coat In Winter
from "Blue Touch Blue"
by Noa
Diary Of Dreams - One of 18 Angels Winter Souls
from "One of 18 Angels"
by Diary Of Dreams
Yazoo - Upstairs At Eric's Winter kills
from "Upstairs At Eric's"
by Yazoo
Sonata Nocturna - The Darkest Winter The Darkest Winter
from "The Darkest Winter"
by Sonata Nocturna
Siberry, Jane - Child In The Bleak Mid-Winter
from "Child"
by Siberry, Jane
Bond - Explosive (The Best Of Bond) Wintersun
from "Explosive (The Best Of Bond)"
by Bond
The Difficult Music Listening Hour

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