The Difficult Music Listening Hour
The Difficult Music Listening Hour

Playlist for 03.14.08 - Mirror, Mirror

The Difficult Music Listening Hour
Horowitz, Vladimir - Complete Recordings On Deutsche Gammophon Scriabin, Alexander - Etude in D sharp minor op 8 N12
from "Complete Recordings On Deutsche Gammophon"
by Horowitz, Vladimir
Bush, Kate - Whole Story, The Wuthering Heights (New Vocal)
from "Whole Story, The"
by Bush, Kate
Wagner - 100 Masterpieces Vol. 8 (1867-1876) Ride of the Valkyries from "The Valkyrie"
from "100 Masterpieces Vol. 8 (1867-1876)"
by Wagner
Boxcar Willie - King Of The Railroad King Of The Road
from "King Of The Railroad"
by Boxcar Willie
Callas, Maria - Unknown Recordings, The Wagner: Dolce E Calmo (Liebestod)
from "Unknown Recordings, The"
by Callas, Maria
Garland, Judy - Judy Garland At Carnegie Hall Almost Like Being In Love/This Can't Be Love (Medley)
from "Judy Garland At Carnegie Hall"
by Garland, Judy
Moyet, Alison - Voice Dido's Lament: When I Am Laid In Earth
from "Voice"
by Moyet, Alison
Gould, Glenn - Bach: The Two and Three Part Inventions Invention No. 12 in A major, BWV 783
from "Bach: The Two and Three Part Inventions"
by Gould, Glenn
Sousa - Single The Stars and Stripes Forever
from "Single"
by Sousa
Norman, Jessye - Handel Shubert Schumann SHUBERT: Ave Maria, D. 839
from "Handel Shubert Schumann"
by Norman, Jessye
Day, Doris - Greatest Hits Que Sera Sera
from "Greatest Hits"
by Day, Doris
Barber, Samuel - Classical Music Top 100 Adagio For Strings
from "Classical Music Top 100"
by Barber, Samuel
Duran Duran - The Singles 1986 - 1995 Disc 10 Hungry Like the Wolf
from "The Singles 1986 - 1995 Disc 10"
by Duran Duran
Domingo, Placido - Bravissimo Domingo Tosca: E lucevan le stelle
from "Bravissimo Domingo"
by Domingo, Placido
Mrvica, Maksim - New World, A Tosca
from "New World, A"
by Mrvica, Maksim
Cheese, Richard - Unreleased Material Hungry Like The Wolf
from "Unreleased Material"
by Cheese, Richard
Bond - Classified Adagio For Strings
from "Classified"
by Bond
Pink Martini - Sympathique Que Sera Sera
from "Sympathique"
by Pink Martini
Classic Buskers, The - Micro Classics Ave Maria
from "Micro Classics"
by Classic Buskers, The
Horowitz, Vladimir - The Indispensable Sousa-Horowitz - The Stars and Stripes Forever
from "The Indispensable"
by Horowitz, Vladimir
Carlos, Wendy - Switched-On Bach II Two-Part Invention in A Major
from "Switched-On Bach II"
by Carlos, Wendy
Mrvica, Maksim - New World, A Dido's Lament
from "New World, A"
by Mrvica, Maksim
Wainwright, Rufus - Rufus Does Judy at Carnegie Hall Medley: Almost Like Being in Love / This Can't Be Love
from "Rufus Does Judy at Carnegie Hall"
by Wainwright, Rufus
Halim, Eduardus - Piano Transcriptions Wagner Liszt: Liebestod from Tristian und Isolde
from "Piano Transcriptions"
by Halim, Eduardus
Collins, James - Messenger, The King Of The Road
from "Messenger, The"
by Collins, James
Mrvica, Maksim - New World, A Ride Of The Valkyries
from "New World, A"
by Mrvica, Maksim
Puppini Sisters - Betcha Bottom Dollar Wuthering Heights
from "Betcha Bottom Dollar"
by Puppini Sisters
Mrvica, Maksim - Variations Part I & II E'Tude in d sharp minor "Patetico"
from "Variations Part I & II"
by Mrvica, Maksim   iTunes
The Difficult Music Listening Hour

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