The Difficult Music Listening Hour
The Difficult Music Listening Hour

Playlist for 08.22.08 - Alphabet Soup, ver. 2 - The Letter E

The Difficult Music Listening Hour
Eder, Linda - Storybook Vole Mon Age (Bonus Track)
from "Storybook"
by Eder, Linda
Emerson Lake & Palme... - Works Live Show Me The Way To Go Home
from "Works Live"
by Emerson Lake & Palmer
Eurogliders - This Island Another Day In The Big World
from "This Island"
by Eurogliders
Erotic Dreams - Temple Of Love It's In The Mind (Not In The Eye)
from "Temple Of Love"
by Erotic Dreams
Jones, Trevor - Excalibur The Land And The King
from "Excalibur"
by Jones, Trevor
Kamen, Michael; Orbi... - Event Horizon The Event Horizon: Weir/Event Horizon
from "Event Horizon"
by Kamen, Michael; Orbital
Eder, Linda - Storybook Bridge Over Troubled Water
from "Storybook"
by Eder, Linda
Estefan, Gloria - Greatest Hits, Vol. 2 Everlasting Love (Video Version)
from "Greatest Hits, Vol. 2"
by Estefan, Gloria
Elisa - Soundtrack '96-'06 Swan
from "Soundtrack '96-'06"
by Elisa
Lundborg, Erik - Enter The Matrix. Deluxe Videogame Score Get Out Of My Face
from "Enter The Matrix. Deluxe Videogame Score"
by Lundborg, Erik
Premiere American Re... - Evita Rainbow High
from "Evita"
by Premiere American Recording
Premiere American Re... - Evita Rainbow Tour
from "Evita"
by Premiere American Recording
Various - The Emperors New Groove John Debney / The Jungle Rescue (Score)
from "The Emperors New Groove"
by Various
Erasure - Other People's Songs Everyday - Buddy Holly
from "Other People's Songs"
by Erasure
Eder, Linda - It's Time Something To Believe In
from "It's Time"
by Eder, Linda
Various - End of Days Soundtrack Everlast / So Long
from "End of Days Soundtrack"
by Various
Horowitz, Vladimir - The Indispensable Chopin - Nocturne, Op. 72, No. 1, in E minor
from "The Indispensable"
by Horowitz, Vladimir
Escape With Romeo - Next Stop Eternally Ease The Pain
from "Next Stop Eternally"
by Escape With Romeo
Horner, James - Enemy At The Gates The Hunter Becomes The Hunted
from "Enemy At The Gates"
by Horner, James
Original Cast - Eating Raoul Think About Tomorrow
from "Eating Raoul"
by Original Cast
Eder, Linda - Storybook Let Him Fly
from "Storybook"
by Eder, Linda
Evanescence - Fallen Everybody's Fool
from "Fallen"
by Evanescence
Elisa - Then Comes the Sun It Is What It Is
from "Then Comes the Sun"
by Elisa
Etheridge, Melissa - Your Little Secret I Want To Come Over
from "Your Little Secret"
by Etheridge, Melissa
Beck, Christophe - Elektra Escape From McCabe's
from "Elektra"
by Beck, Christophe
Eurythmics - We Too Are One (Remastered) The King And Queen Of America (Dance Remix)
from "We Too Are One (Remastered)"
by Eurythmics
Emerson Lake & Palme... - Works, Vol. 1 Piano Concerto 1-Allegro Giojoso/Andante Molte Cantabile/Toccata Con Fuoco
from "Works, Vol. 1"
by Emerson Lake & Palmer
Eder, Linda - Gold If I Had My Way
from "Gold"
by Eder, Linda
The Difficult Music Listening Hour

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