The Difficult Music Listening Hour
The Difficult Music Listening Hour

Playlist for 06.19.09 - Alphabet Soup, ver. 2 - The Letter P

The Difficult Music Listening Hour
Armstrong, Craig - Plunkett and MacLeane Hanging
from "Plunkett and MacLeane"
by Armstrong, Craig
Armstrong, Craig - Plunkett and MacLeane Escape
from "Plunkett and MacLeane"
by Armstrong, Craig
Original Broadway Ca... - Producers, The C.Huffman, N.Lane, M.Broderick / When You Got It, Flaunt It
from "Producers, The"
by Original Broadway Cast
Pepper, Angie - Res Ipsa Loquitor Kiss Me Sailor
from "Res Ipsa Loquitor"
by Pepper, Angie
Puppini Sisters - Betcha Bottom Dollar Mr Sandman
from "Betcha Bottom Dollar"
by Puppini Sisters
Jarre, Maurice - Professionals, The The Escape And Storm
from "Professionals, The"
by Jarre, Maurice
Poe - Haunted Control
from "Haunted"
by Poe
Goldsmith, Jerry - Psycho II It's Not Your Mother
from "Psycho II"
by Goldsmith, Jerry
Poor People Of Paris... - Entre Nous Les Feuilles Mortes
from "Entre Nous"
by Poor People Of Paris, The
Paul, Ellis - Translucent Soul Bring Me Backwards
from "Translucent Soul"
by Paul, Ellis
Original Broadway Ca... - Passion No One Has Ever Loved Me
from "Passion"
by Original Broadway Cast
Original Broadway Ca... - Passion Finale
from "Passion"
by Original Broadway Cast
Pink Martini - Sympathique Andalucia
from "Sympathique"
by Pink Martini
Parton, Dolly - Ultimate 9 To 5
from "Ultimate"
by Parton, Dolly
Piazzolla, Astor and... - New Tango, The Operation Tango
from "New Tango, The"
by Piazzolla, Astor and Burton, Gary
Silvestri, Alan - Predator Main Title
from "Predator"
by Silvestri, Alan
Elfman, Danny - Planet Of The Apes Rule The Planet Remix (Remix by Paul Oakenfold)
from "Planet Of The Apes"
by Elfman, Danny
Debney, John - Passion of the Christ, The Bearing The Cross
from "Passion of the Christ, The"
by Debney, John
Nyman, Michael - Prospero's Books Prospero's curse
from "Prospero's Books"
by Nyman, Michael
Prince - Purple Rain Purple Rain
from "Purple Rain"
by Prince
Pink Floyd - Final Cut, The The Gunners Dream
from "Final Cut, The"
by Pink Floyd
Porcupine Tree - Fear of a Blank Planet Fear Of a Blank Planet
from "Fear of a Blank Planet"
by Porcupine Tree
Pelletier, Bruno - Miserere Miserere
from "Miserere"
by Pelletier, Bruno
Phillips, Anthony - Wise After The Event Regrets
from "Wise After The Event"
by Phillips, Anthony
1998 Original Broadw... - Parade The Old Red Hills Of Home
from "Parade"
by 1998 Original Broadway Cast
The Difficult Music Listening Hour

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