The Difficult Music Listening Hour
The Difficult Music Listening Hour

Playlist for 03.12.10 - Elements 12 - Magnesium

The Difficult Music Listening Hour
1999 Wein Cast Recor... - Mozart Hier in Wien!
from "Mozart"
by 1999 Wein Cast Recording
2006 Nederlandse Cas... - Grease Greased Lightnin'
from "Grease"
by 2006 Nederlandse Cast
Mindless Self Indulg... - You'll Rebel To Anything Stupid MF
from "You'll Rebel To Anything"
by Mindless Self Indulgence   iTunes
Menzel, Idina - I Stand Better To Have Loved
from "I Stand"
by Menzel, Idina   iTunes
Mrvica, Maksim - Electrik Prelude In C
from "Electrik"
by Mrvica, Maksim
Original Cast - March of the Falsettos Four Jews In A Room Bitching
from "March of the Falsettos"
by Original Cast   iTunes
2003 Broadway Reviva... - Gypsy Gypsy Strip (Let Me Entertain You)
from "Gypsy"
by 2003 Broadway Revival Cast Recording   iTunes
Garou - Piece Of My Soul Nothing Else Matters
from "Piece Of My Soul"
by Garou
New Broadway Cast Re... - Man of La Mancha The Impossible Dream (The Quest)
from "Man of La Mancha"
by New Broadway Cast Recording
Silvestri, Alan - Mummy Returns, The Pygmy Attack
from "Mummy Returns, The"
by Silvestri, Alan   iTunes
Menomena - Friend And Foe Boyskouts Sweetboyskouts
from "Friend And Foe"
by Menomena   iTunes
Bates, Tyler - Get Carter Chicken In Chinatown
from "Get Carter"
by Bates, Tyler
Molaskey, Jessica - Pentimento I'm Just Wild About Harry
from "Pentimento"
by Molaskey, Jessica   iTunes
Giacchino, Michael - Mission Impossible 3 Helluvacopter Chase
from "Mission Impossible 3"
by Giacchino, Michael   iTunes
Rota, Nino & Coppola... - The Godfather: Trilogy 1, 2 & 3 The Godfather: Love Theme From The Godfather
from "The Godfather: Trilogy 1, 2 & 3"
by Rota, Nino & Coppola, Carmine   iTunes
Horner, James - Mask Of Zorro, The Quiero Vivir La Vida Amandote (Gabriel, Ana and Anthony, Marc)
from "Mask Of Zorro, The"
by Horner, James   iTunes
Original Broadway Ca... - Mack & Mabel Time Heals Everything
from "Mack & Mabel"
by Original Broadway Cast   iTunes
Goldsmith, Jerry - Ghost And The Darkness, The Final Attack
from "Ghost And The Darkness, The"
by Goldsmith, Jerry
Zimmer, Hans and Ger... - Gladiator Complete Score The Trap
from "Gladiator Complete Score"
by Zimmer, Hans and Gerrard, Lisa
Moire, Emmanuel - L O Je Pars La Fin
from "L O Je Pars"
by Moire, Emmanuel
Garou - Piece Of My Soul You And I
from "Piece Of My Soul"
by Garou
Armstrong, Craig - Moulin Rouge Satine and Christian's Theme
from "Moulin Rouge"
by Armstrong, Craig
Original Italian Cas... - Giulietta e Romeo L'affronto
from "Giulietta e Romeo"
by Original Italian Cast Recording
Gals, Diamanda - Guilty Guilty Guilty Autumn Leaves
from "Guilty Guilty Guilty"
by Gals, Diamanda   iTunes
My Chemical Romance - The Black Parade Welcome To The Black Parade
from "The Black Parade"
by My Chemical Romance   iTunes
Davis, Don - Matrix Reloaded Complete Score Burly Brawl (Juno Reactor Vs. Don Davis)
from "Matrix Reloaded Complete Score"
by Davis, Don
Garou - Piece Of My Soul Stand Up
from "Piece Of My Soul"
by Garou
Groban, Josh - Closer When You Say You Love Me
from "Closer"
by Groban, Josh   iTunes
The Difficult Music Listening Hour

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