The Difficult Music Listening Hour
The Difficult Music Listening Hour

Playlist for 04.30.10 - Elements 19 - Potassium

The Difficult Music Listening Hour
King, BB - Filmore East Let Me Love You
from "Filmore East"
by King, BB
Kreis, Levi - The Gospel According to Levi The Reckoning
from "The Gospel According to Levi"
by Kreis, Levi
Kohl, Ernest - Wen U Dreem Wen U Dreem Elliot S Mister E Dreem radio mix
from "Wen U Dreem"
by Kohl, Ernest   iTunes
Klaxons - Myths Of The Near Future Two Receivers
from "Myths Of The Near Future"
by Klaxons   iTunes
Knife - Chakra Seven Chakras, The
from "Chakra"
by Knife
1999 Broadway Reviva... - Kiss Me, Kate Where Is the Life That Late I Led?
from "Kiss Me, Kate"
by 1999 Broadway Revival Cast
Armstrong. Craig - Kiss of the Dragon Symphony For Isabelle Part 18
from "Kiss of the Dragon"
by Armstrong. Craig   iTunes
Kaiser Chiefs - Lap Of Honour Seventeen Cups
from "Lap Of Honour"
by Kaiser Chiefs
Katz, Matt - All Of A Sudden, The Wireless! Out Of The Sky
from "All Of A Sudden, The Wireless!"
by Katz, Matt   iTunes
Knock 'em Alive - Coney Island Ride Golden Bulletproof Parachute
from "Coney Island Ride"
by Knock 'em Alive   iTunes
Kaci - Single I Will Learn 2 Love Again (Almighty 12'' Anthem Mix)
from "Single"
by Kaci
Kane, Candye - Guitar'd and Feathered I Done Got Over It
from "Guitar'd and Feathered"
by Kane, Candye   iTunes
Ottman, John - Kiss Kiss Bang Bang Dead Girl In Shower
from "Kiss Kiss Bang Bang"
by Ottman, John
Kessel, Barney - Artistry Of Barney Kessel, The Joy Spring
from "Artistry Of Barney Kessel, The"
by Kessel, Barney
Kraftwerk - Electric Cafe Boing Boom Tschak
from "Electric Cafe"
by Kraftwerk   iTunes
Kent, Brian - I'll Find A Way [single] I'll Find A Way
from "I'll Find A Way [single]"
by Kent, Brian   iTunes
Krall, Diana - Live in Paris A Case of You
from "Live in Paris"
by Krall, Diana   iTunes
Kajiura, Yuki - Kimagure Orange Road, Summer's Beginning I Want You Here (Kyosuke No. 1)
from "Kimagure Orange Road, Summer's Beginning"
by Kajiura, Yuki
Original Cast Record... - Kiss of the Spider Woman The Day After That
from "Kiss of the Spider Woman"
by Original Cast Recording
Kamelot - Ghost Opera Ghost Opera
from "Ghost Opera"
by Kamelot   iTunes
Horner, James - Krull Inside The Black Fortress
from "Krull"
by Horner, James
King Crimson - In The Court of the Crimson King Epitaph/March for No Reason/Tomorrow and Tomorrow
from "In The Court of the Crimson King"
by King Crimson
Kohl, Ernest - Essential To Save The Love [Steve Skinner's Radio Mix]
from "Essential"
by Kohl, Ernest   iTunes
Kreis, Levi - Where I Belong Nothing At All
from "Where I Belong"
by Kreis, Levi   iTunes
The Difficult Music Listening Hour

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