The Difficult Music Listening Hour
The Difficult Music Listening Hour

Playlist for 05.07.10 - Elements 20 - Calcium

The Difficult Music Listening Hour
Autumn, Emilie - Enchant Epilogue: What If
from "Enchant"
by Autumn, Emilie   iTunes
Revell, Graeme - Crow, The: City Of Angels La Masquera
from "Crow, The: City Of Angels"
by Revell, Graeme
Cirque du Soleil - Cirque Du Soleil Tango
from "Cirque Du Soleil"
by Cirque du Soleil   iTunes
Goldsmith, Jerry - Chain Reaction Ice Chase
from "Chain Reaction"
by Goldsmith, Jerry   iTunes
Aparicio, Ariel - All These Brilliant Things I'm The One
from "All These Brilliant Things"
by Aparicio, Ariel   iTunes
Kloser, Harald - Alien vs. Predator Antarctica
from "Alien vs. Predator"
by Kloser, Harald   iTunes
Camilo, Michel - On Fire On Fire
from "On Fire"
by Camilo, Michel   iTunes
Carlos, Wendy - Switched-On Bach II Suite #2 in B Minor: Bourree
from "Switched-On Bach II"
by Carlos, Wendy
Alber, Matt - Hide Nothing Monarch
from "Hide Nothing"
by Alber, Matt   iTunes
Anderson, Laurie - Life On A String Dark Angel
from "Life On A String"
by Anderson, Laurie   iTunes
Chapman, Tracy - Telling Stories The Only One
from "Telling Stories"
by Chapman, Tracy   iTunes
Cugat, Xavier - Cugi's Cocktails Grasshopper
from "Cugi's Cocktails"
by Cugat, Xavier   iTunes
Beltrami, Marco - Crow, The: Salvation Alex Corvis' Execution
from "Crow, The: Salvation"
by Beltrami, Marco
Carlsson, Magnus - Live Forever Live Forever
from "Live Forever"
by Carlsson, Magnus
Awakening, The - Tales Of Absolution + Obsoletion Frozen
from "Tales Of Absolution + Obsoletion"
by Awakening, The   iTunes
Ameling, Elly - Soiree Francaise Faure: Mandoline, Op. 58 no.1
from "Soiree Francaise"
by Ameling, Elly
Angels And Agony - Unison (Ltd. Edition) Unison-Statesman Remix By Code 64
from "Unison (Ltd. Edition)"
by Angels And Agony   iTunes
Cocteau Twins - Heaven or Las Vegas I Wear Your Ring
from "Heaven or Las Vegas"
by Cocteau Twins   iTunes
Armstrong, Craig - Clearing, The You Need A Sign Of Life
from "Clearing, The"
by Armstrong, Craig   iTunes
Alexandrou, Christos - One Look Make Your Darkness Light
from "One Look"
by Alexandrou, Christos   iTunes
Goldenthal, Elliot - Alien 3 Death Dance
from "Alien 3"
by Goldenthal, Elliot
Rabin, Trevor - Armageddon Complete Score Secondary Protocol
from "Armageddon Complete Score"
by Rabin, Trevor   iTunes
Cassidy, Eva - Live at Blues Alley Bridge Over Troubled Water
from "Live at Blues Alley"
by Cassidy, Eva   iTunes
Armstrong, Craig - As If To Nothing Ruthless Gravity
from "As If To Nothing"
by Armstrong, Craig   iTunes
Arena, Tina - In deep I want to spend my lifetime loving you - with Marc Anthony
from "In deep"
by Arena, Tina   iTunes
Cocciante, Riccardo - L'Alba L'alba
from "L'Alba"
by Cocciante, Riccardo   iTunes
Giacchino, Michael - Alias Blow'd Up
from "Alias"
by Giacchino, Michael   iTunes
The Difficult Music Listening Hour

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