The Difficult Music Listening Hour
The Difficult Music Listening Hour

Playlist for 06.25.10 - Elements 25 - Manganese

The Difficult Music Listening Hour
Powell, John - Mr. and Mrs. Smith Dodging Bullets
from "Mr. and Mrs. Smith"
by Powell, John   iTunes
Michaels, Lori - Wild Ride [single] Wild Ride [Radio Mix]
from "Wild Ride [single]"
by Michaels, Lori   iTunes
Magnetic Fields, The - Distortion The Nun's Litany
from "Distortion"
by Magnetic Fields, The   iTunes
Nevarakka - Soft Meant To Last
from "Soft"
by Nevarakka   iTunes
Nemesis Rising - Fool If You Think It's Over (Remixes) Fool If You Think It's Over (Almighty Radio Edit)
from "Fool If You Think It's Over (Remixes)"
by Nemesis Rising   iTunes
McKeown, Erin - We Will Become Like Birds You Were Right About Everything
from "We Will Become Like Birds"
by McKeown, Erin   iTunes
Micarelli, Lucia - Music From A Farther Room Samarkand
from "Music From A Farther Room"
by Micarelli, Lucia   iTunes
Manjovi, Dan - Woke Up This Morning Give 'Em What You Got (Takin' It Back)
from "Woke Up This Morning"
by Manjovi, Dan   iTunes
Molaskey, Jessica - Pentimento You Made Me Love You
from "Pentimento"
by Molaskey, Jessica   iTunes
Necessary Response - Blood Spills Not Far From The Wound Devotion
from "Blood Spills Not Far From The Wound"
by Necessary Response   iTunes
Labeque, Katia and M... - Mendelssohn - Bruch Concertos for 2 Pianos Allegro Vivace, Concerto for 2 Pianos in E - Mendelssohn
from "Mendelssohn - Bruch Concertos for 2 Pianos"
by Labeque, Katia and Marielle
Menzel, Idina - I Stand Brave
from "I Stand"
by Menzel, Idina   iTunes
Morel - The Death Of The Paperboy The Death Of The Paperboy
from "The Death Of The Paperboy"
by Morel   iTunes
Murphy, Peter - Cascade I'll Fall With Your Knife
from "Cascade"
by Murphy, Peter   iTunes
Mould, Bob - District Line The Silence Between Us
from "District Line"
by Mould, Bob   iTunes
Mann, Aimee - Bachelor No. 2 (or the last remains of the dodo) Susan
from "Bachelor No. 2 (or the last remains of the dodo)"
by Mann, Aimee   iTunes
McCue, Anne - East Of Electric Too Late For Love
from "East Of Electric"
by McCue, Anne   iTunes
Midnight Oil - Earth and Sun and Moon Drums Of Heaven
from "Earth and Sun and Moon"
by Midnight Oil   iTunes
Moyet, Alison - Turn, The One More Time
from "Turn, The"
by Moyet, Alison   iTunes
My Chemical Romance - The Black Parade Welcome To The Black Parade
from "The Black Parade"
by My Chemical Romance   iTunes
Mrvica, Maksim - New World, A Nostradamus
from "New World, A"
by Mrvica, Maksim   iTunes
Mindless Self Indulg... - You'll Rebel To Anything Straight to Video
from "You'll Rebel To Anything"
by Mindless Self Indulgence   iTunes
Silvestri, Alan - Mummy Returns, The The Mummy Returns
from "Mummy Returns, The"
by Silvestri, Alan   iTunes
Davis, Don - Matrix Reloaded Complete Score Chateau Swashbuckling
from "Matrix Reloaded Complete Score"
by Davis, Don
Nightwish - Dark Passion Play (CD1) Meadows Of Heaven
from "Dark Passion Play (CD1)"
by Nightwish   iTunes
The Difficult Music Listening Hour

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