The Difficult Music Listening Hour
The Difficult Music Listening Hour

Playlist for 09.17.10 - Elements 31 - Gallium

The Difficult Music Listening Hour
Bates, Tyler - Get Carter Christmas Tree Chase
from "Get Carter"
by Bates, Tyler
Ashbury Heights - Morningstar In A Black Car Spiders (Remix by UnterART)
from "Morningstar In A Black Car"
by Ashbury Heights   iTunes
Original French Cast... - Autant En Emporte Le Vent Nous N'sommes Pas
from "Autant En Emporte Le Vent"
by Original French Cast Recording
Goldsmith, Jerry - Ghost And The Darkness, The Lions Attack
from "Ghost And The Darkness, The"
by Goldsmith, Jerry
Cirque du Soleil - Alegría Icare
from "Alegría"
by Cirque du Soleil   iTunes
Original Broadway Ca... - Ain't Misbehavin' When The Nylons Bloom Again
from "Ain't Misbehavin'"
by Original Broadway Cast   iTunes
Alaska Highway - Attitudes of a Difficult Mind Even Angels Have to die
from "Attitudes of a Difficult Mind"
by Alaska Highway   iTunes
Amos, Tori - To Venus And Back - Live (Still Orbiting) Little Earthquakes
from "To Venus And Back - Live (Still Orbiting)"
by Amos, Tori   iTunes
Armstrong, Craig - As If To Nothing Finding Beauty
from "As If To Nothing"
by Armstrong, Craig   iTunes
Anderson, Laurie - Strange Angels Coolsville
from "Strange Angels"
by Anderson, Laurie   iTunes
Ottmann, John - Gothika Revelation
from "Gothika"
by Ottmann, John   iTunes
1988 Broadway Cast R... - Anything Goes Buddie, Beware
from "Anything Goes"
by 1988 Broadway Cast Recording   iTunes
Art of Noise - In Visible Silence Backbeat
from "In Visible Silence"
by Art of Noise
Giacchino, Michael - Alias Bristow & Bristow
from "Alias"
by Giacchino, Michael   iTunes
2003 Broadway Reviva... - Gypsy Rose's Turn
from "Gypsy"
by 2003 Broadway Revival Cast Recording   iTunes
Girls, The - Requests Unchained Melody
from "Requests"
by Girls, The
Zimmer, Hans and Ger... - Gladiator Complete Score Barbarian Horde
from "Gladiator Complete Score"
by Zimmer, Hans and Gerrard, Lisa   iTunes
Original Italian Cas... - Giulietta e Romeo L'affronto
from "Giulietta e Romeo"
by Original Italian Cast Recording
Kloser, Harald - Alien vs. Predator Alien Fight
from "Alien vs. Predator"
by Kloser, Harald   iTunes
Galás, Diamanda - Masque of the Red Death Birds of Death
from "Masque of the Red Death"
by Galás, Diamanda   iTunes
Horner, James - Mask Of Zorro, The Quiero Vivir La Vida Amandote (Gabriel, Ana and Anthony, Marc)
from "Mask Of Zorro, The"
by Horner, James   iTunes
Garou - Seul Adieu
from "Seul"
by Garou
Autumn, Emilie - Laced_Unlaced Syringe
from "Laced_Unlaced"
by Autumn, Emilie   iTunes
Groban, Josh - Josh Groban Un Amore Per Sempre
from "Josh Groban"
by Groban, Josh   iTunes
The Difficult Music Listening Hour

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