The Difficult Music Listening Hour
The Difficult Music Listening Hour

Playlist for 10.29.10 Halloween

The Difficult Music Listening Hour
Bates, Tyler - 300 Come And Get Them
from "300"
by Bates, Tyler   iTunes
Callery, Sean - 24: Seasons Four and Five Closing In On Marwon
from "24: Seasons Four and Five"
by Callery, Sean
Werzoma, Walter - Hellraiser: Inferno PinHead Talks
from "Hellraiser: Inferno"
by Werzoma, Walter
Elfman, Danny - Sleepy Hollow Evil Eye
from "Sleepy Hollow"
by Elfman, Danny   iTunes
Marianelli, Dario - Brothers Grimm, The Burning the Forest
from "Brothers Grimm, The"
by Marianelli, Dario   iTunes
Donaggio, Pino - Seed of Chucky Tiny Stalker / A Nightmare on Nottingham Mews
from "Seed of Chucky"
by Donaggio, Pino
Elfman, Danny - Hulk, The Hulk Out!
from "Hulk, The"
by Elfman, Danny
Jablonsky, Steve - Texas Chainsaw Massacre Morgan's Wild Ridevan Attack
from "Texas Chainsaw Massacre"
by Jablonsky, Steve   iTunes
Goldsmith, Jerry - 13th Warrior, The The Cave Of Death
from "13th Warrior, The"
by Goldsmith, Jerry   iTunes
Shore, Howard - Client, The Kill Them All
from "Client, The"
by Shore, Howard
Jones, Daniel - Shadow of the Vampire Blood
from "Shadow of the Vampire"
by Jones, Daniel
Beltrami, Marco - Underworld Evolution Score Kill Will 2
from "Underworld Evolution Score"
by Beltrami, Marco   iTunes
Goldenthal, Elliot - Batman Forever The Perils Of Gotham
from "Batman Forever"
by Goldenthal, Elliot   iTunes
Elfman, Danny - Planet Of The Apes Preparing For Battle
from "Planet Of The Apes"
by Elfman, Danny   iTunes
Goldenthal, Elliot - Alien 3 Death Dance
from "Alien 3"
by Goldenthal, Elliot
BT - Stealth Original Score Lightning Strike
from "Stealth Original Score"
by BT   iTunes
Kloser, Harald - Alien vs. Predator Showdown
from "Alien vs. Predator"
by Kloser, Harald   iTunes
Edelman, Randy - Skulls, The Snake & Skeleton
from "Skulls, The"
by Edelman, Randy
Beltrami, Marco - Scream Trouble In Woodsboro - Sidney's Lament
from "Scream"
by Beltrami, Marco   iTunes
Ottman, John - House of Wax Curiosity Kills
from "House of Wax"
by Ottman, John   iTunes
Silvestri, Alan - Beowulf Second Grendel Attack
from "Beowulf"
by Silvestri, Alan   iTunes
Zimmer, Hans - Hannibal Firenze Di Notte
from "Hannibal"
by Zimmer, Hans   iTunes
Shearmur, Edward - Species II Pursuit
from "Species II"
by Shearmur, Edward
Silvestri, Alan - Predator The Chase
from "Predator"
by Silvestri, Alan
Cmiral, Elia - Ronin Wrong Way
from "Ronin"
by Cmiral, Elia   iTunes
Nitzsche, Jack - Revenge Dead Texan
from "Revenge"
by Nitzsche, Jack
Azaria, Alexandre - Transporter 2 Kill Bitch
from "Transporter 2"
by Azaria, Alexandre
Revell, Graeme - Crow, The: City Of Angels A Murder Of Crows
from "Crow, The: City Of Angels"
by Revell, Graeme
Marianelli, Dario - Return, The A Close Shave
from "Return, The"
by Marianelli, Dario   iTunes
Danna, Jeff - Resident Evil: Apocalypse Dogs in the Kitchen
from "Resident Evil: Apocalypse"
by Danna, Jeff   iTunes
Clouser, Charlie - Saw Fuck This Shit
from "Saw"
by Clouser, Charlie
Beltrami, Marco - Omen, The Omen 76-06
from "Omen, The"
by Beltrami, Marco   iTunes
Beltrami, Marco - Hellboy Alley Fight
from "Hellboy"
by Beltrami, Marco   iTunes
Beltrami, Marco - Terminator 3 Blonde Behind The Wheel
from "Terminator 3"
by Beltrami, Marco   iTunes
Beltrami, Marco - Crow, The: Salvation Captain Gets A Shock
from "Crow, The: Salvation"
by Beltrami, Marco
Revell, Graeme - Freddy vs. Jason Jason's Surprise Attack
from "Freddy vs. Jason"
by Revell, Graeme   iTunes
Rabin, Trevor - Snakes On A Plane Snake Chaos
from "Snakes On A Plane"
by Rabin, Trevor   iTunes
Davis, Don - Matrix Reloaded Complete Score Burly Brawl (Juno Reactor Vs. Don Davis)
from "Matrix Reloaded Complete Score"
by Davis, Don
Original Soundtrack - From Dusk Till Dawn Sex Machine Attacks - Graeme Revell
from "From Dusk Till Dawn"
by Original Soundtrack   iTunes
The Difficult Music Listening Hour

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