The Difficult Music Listening Hour
The Difficult Music Listening Hour

Playlist for 01.21.11 - The "Big" of 2010, Part 3

The Difficult Music Listening Hour
Luminous - Luminous Oyem
from "Luminous"
by Luminous   iTunes
Autumn, Emilie - Opheliac Dominant
from "Opheliac"
by Autumn, Emilie   iTunes
Kreis, Levi - Where I Belong Nothing At All
from "Where I Belong"
by Kreis, Levi   iTunes
Giacchino, Michael - Alias Blow'd Up
from "Alias"
by Giacchino, Michael   iTunes
Camilo, Michel - Michel Camilo Caribe
from "Michel Camilo"
by Camilo, Michel   iTunes
Original Broadway Ca... - Titanic Epilogue: In Every Age (reprise)/Finale
from "Titanic"
by Original Broadway Cast   iTunes
VNV Nation - Futureperfect Beloved
from "Futureperfect"
by VNV Nation   iTunes
Nightwish - Dark Passion Play (CD1) Meadows Of Heaven
from "Dark Passion Play (CD1)"
by Nightwish   iTunes
Original Broadway Ca... - Forever Tango Adiós Nonino
from "Forever Tango"
by Original Broadway Cast
Cocciante, Riccardo - Quando Si Vuole Bene: In Concert, Vol. 2 Quando Finisce un Amore
from "Quando Si Vuole Bene: In Concert, Vol. 2"
by Cocciante, Riccardo
Corigliano, John - Piano Concerto Concerto For Piano And Orchestra: 4. Allegro
from "Piano Concerto"
by Corigliano, John   iTunes
Zenatti, Julie - Comme Vous... Quoi Ça Sert
from "Comme Vous..."
by Zenatti, Julie   iTunes
Groban, Josh - Josh Groban Un Amore Per Sempre
from "Josh Groban"
by Groban, Josh   iTunes
Garou - Garou Meme Par Amour
from "Garou"
by Garou
Autumn, Emilie - Liar_Dead Is The New Alive Unlaced
from "Liar_Dead Is The New Alive"
by Autumn, Emilie   iTunes
Siberry, Jane - Lips (Music for Saying It) Freedom is Gold
from "Lips (Music for Saying It)"
by Siberry, Jane
Badi, Chimène - Live A L'Olympia Entre Nous
from "Live A L'Olympia"
by Badi, Chimène   iTunes
Original Broadway Ca... - Ragtime New Music
from "Ragtime"
by Original Broadway Cast   iTunes
Brother Sun Sister M... - The Great Game Cairo
from "The Great Game"
by Brother Sun Sister Moon   iTunes
Eder. Linda - It's No Secret Anymore Why Do People Fall In Love?
from "It's No Secret Anymore"
by Eder. Linda   iTunes
Cmiral, Elia - Ronin This Is The Day
from "Ronin"
by Cmiral, Elia   iTunes
Bruel, Patrick - Si Ce Soir, Vol. 2 Casser La Voix
from "Si Ce Soir, Vol. 2"
by Bruel, Patrick   iTunes
Nel, Anton - Saint-Saens Allegro Appassionato
from "Saint-Saens"
by Nel, Anton   iTunes
The Difficult Music Listening Hour

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